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Irene Larn is an author. She published her first book in 2019 at age 13 through Sigma’s Bookshelf, but will now be publishing through our publishing service.




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-Stormy Play Script-(Musical)

About: (You can put this in the slips you hand out to the audience before the performance, or write your own!)

An Alaskan Husky named Stormy is cast away from his mistress when she is dropped off on an orphanage doorstep, but returns to her again in a dream, and she sets out to find him.



Stormy  –

Julie –

Ms. Lisick –

Jade –

Jessie –

Gem –

Fern –

Lisa –

Daisy –

Anne –

Ms. Boon –

Ben –

Emma –

Leonardo –

Narrator –

Toy Store Person –

Jewelry Store Person –


Costumes: (though it’s totally up to you!) (Note: This play is set in the 1920s)

Orphans – Old-time dirty dress + apron

Ms. Boon – Light colored old-time expensive-looking dress (Ms. Boon is rich!)

Ben – Baggy white or brown clothes

Leonardo – Expensive-looking outfit (Leonardo and his wife Emma are also rich).

Toy Store Person – Brown overalls over plain white shirt

Jewelry Store Person (an old woman) –  a lot of jewelry, simple old-time dress



  • Whistle (For Ms. Lisick)
  • 16 ragged blankets (for orphans beds) (They each get one to sleep on, and one to cover them)
  • Bucket
  • Rag
  • Broom
  • Folding table
  • Old-time phone
  • Laundry Cart
  • Husky stuffed animal (For Julie) + collar and leash for it that can be taken off
  • 4 Dolls dolls (For Gem and Fern) ( They each receive two throughout the play)
  • Kitten stuffed animal (For Jessie)
  • Stuffed animal dog (For Jade)
  • 8 bowels
  • A pot (cooking pot)
  • Wooden ladle
  • 8 spoons
  • Lantern / Flashlight (For Julie)
  • Flyswatter (For Ms. Lisick)
  • Fake ice cream: chocolate, blueberry, mint(2), blackberry(2), cookie dough, mint chocolate chip
  • An assortment of old-time toys, books, games, and stuffed animals (For Toy Store)
  • Christmas that (For Jessie)
  • Deck of cards (For Jade)
  • Old book (For Lisa)
  • Christmas ornament  (For Anne)
  • Wooden toy horse (For Daisy)
  • Three necklaces that fit together
  • Dog treats

[SCRIPT] (Free to print)


Books For Sale:

Published in 2019 by Sigma’s Bookshelf.


The 6th grade is flying to South America to visit the Amazon, and Amber can hardly contain her excitement. Coming along on the trip is her collection of stuffed animals, at notebook filled with facts about the Amazon, her best friend, Raya, her teacher, some chaperones, and the entire 6th grade class. She can hardly wait until the plane touches down and she can begin her adventure.

Published in 2021 by NIEENT Productions


Stuck in the hospital after being found passed out in the woods, an extraordinary thing happens to Merribelle that changes her life forever. She is forced to leave her home, and find a new life in the woods with a tribe of teenage werewolves who couldn’t resist the temptation to find out what was truly in Dark Forest, and had to face the consequences, same as her.

Indefinable – By Irene Larn


Werewolf Girl, Book 2: What Becomes Of It All – By Irene Larn

Published 2022, January 8th, by NIEENT Productions

Published 2022, January 9th, by NIEENT Productions

Published 2022, January 9th, by NIEENT Productions


Published 2022, May 29th, by NIEENT Productions

Published 2022, January 9th, by NIEENT Productions
Published 2022, January 9th, by NIEENT Productions